Stress Test

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You had your best-laid plans and then COVID-19 came along and hammered the entire economy. But you’ve got this – if you have the right information. Join The Globe and Mail’s personal finance team, columnist Rob Carrick and editor Roma Luciw, as they guide you through one of the biggest stress tests your finances will ever face. If you’re between 20 and 40, this financial advice is for you. read less

Our Editor's Take

Global economies are changing at a pace never before seen in human history. Stress Test is a podcast that focuses on providing financial advice. While the show's advice is designed for millennials and Gen Z listeners, fans of all ages may appreciate the program.

Stress Test is a production of The Globe and Mail, one of Canada's most-read newspapers. Since its founding in 1844, it has been a trusted source of news and journalistic integrity in Canada. It is known as "Canada's paper of record." This makes Stress Test unique among financial podcasts. It intends to make complicated financial topics easy to understand for younger audiences.

The hosts of Stress Test are the finance reporters Rob Carrick and Roma Luciw. Carrick has been writing about finance since the early 1990s. He began his career covering the Bay Street business scene in Canada. He joined the Globe and Mail in 1996 as their investment reporter. He soon suggested a personal finance column for the paper and began writing after that. Roma Luciw started her career at the Globe and Mail in 2001. In 2015, she created the Gen Y Money Hub. This was a program to promote financial literacy among younger audiences.

Stress Test covers a variety of topics where finance and culture intersect. These include how thrifting can help save the environment. How climate change is shaping investment decisions is also discussed on the podcast.

As a disclaimer, it is important to note that the advice given here does not replace a financial planner. The hosts always advise consulting an experienced professional before making any investment decisions.

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