Become An Unstoppable Woman™

20-07-2022 • 49 mins

You have all proven time and time again that you love my transparent, raw and vulnerable podcasts, most recently when you made my 2022 Mid-Year Recap one of my most listened to podcasts to date. So thank you for showing so much interest in my life!

I hear you, and I want to keep giving you what you want, so today I have another solo coaching episode for you, but this one is inspired by my life. Because I’m talking all about the common fear of rejection, which is something I have struggled with for as long as I can remember.

Now that I have the tools and know how to do the mindset work to get through those moments when the fear of rejection starts to plague me, so much has opened up for me. So today on the Become an Unstoppable Woman podcast, I want to share some of those tools with you.

First we’re going to walk through this common fear so you can start to see how severe your fear of rejection really is, and then we’ll begin to work through the fear so you can start to see that your brain is just giving you thoughts that aren’t true and that you definitely do not have to listen to.


  • Why your inner mean girl gets stronger when you’re worn out
  • What you might be mistakenly labeling it as even if it is in fact rejection that you’re fearing
  • What rejection feels like with real examples from my own life
  • What rejection sensitivity disorder means and specific questions to know if you have it
  • How to start to work through your fear of rejection including specific tools that I am currently using to work through this

Like I said, this episode is fully inspired by my own life, starting from my childhood and all the way through to recent events. If you’ve listened to my recent episodes, you know I’ve been through a lot this year in my personal life and my business, and it’s been fascinating to have the awareness to see how these events are impacting the thoughts my brain feeds me and how that fear of rejection starts to creep in.

Are you ready to walk away knowing exactly what rejection feels like and why you’re fearing it? Listen at the top of this page.