Truth about local government podcast

Matt Masters

Welcome to the "Truth about local government” podcast.

Local Government is a pillar of our community. We all contribute financially and rely on these regional organisations for a multitude of services. However, sometimes as a member of the public it can be difficult to understand what challenges they are facing, the solutions they are implementing and fundamentally how that affects our day-to-day lives.

The purpose of this podcast is to shine a light on topics and issues that are prevalent in local authorities across the UK at the present time. And hopefully by shining a light on the problems local authorities face and the solutions they are implementing, it will drive greater engagement with local authorities across the UK.

My name is Matt Masters, I work with local authorities across the UK providing interim resourcing solutions for projects and vacancies.

I am passionate about local government, the work they complete and the benefit a well run council can have on the community it creates and serves. Fundamentally, it is my belief that understanding what your local authority is doing against the tide of challenges is something everyone should have easy access to. It is for everyone, not just political activists.

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