Hybrid highlights of 2022

The DNA of Work

27-12-2022 • 28 mins

2022 seems to have been the year that hybrid working  really got into its stride. We've covered many aspects of hybrid and other ways of working topics during this year.

This episode is a look back at some of the highlights!

Here's a quick overview of the topics in this episode:

  • A test and learn approach to hybrid (from 3 AWA clients) (02:21)
  • Changing our approach to meetings and wellbeing (07:38)
  • Hybrid in different industry sectors (energy, insurance, tech, life sciences, charitable and higher ed (13:10)
  • AWA 's Hybrid Working Index (21:20)

If you're interested in joining the Hybrid Working Index, Josh would be very happy to provide details.

The Hybrid Working Index summary report is available

AWA Host: Karen Plum

Guests (in order of appearance and episode number if you want to check them out):

  • Liz Westcott, Managing Director EMEA, Mintel (Ep24)
  • Margot Power, Faculty Change Manager, Faculty of Science & Engineering, University of Manchester (Ep23)
  • Sarah Cousins, Head of Organisational Change, British Heart Foundation (BHF) (Ep38)
  • Helen Guest, Senior Associate, AWA (Ep19)
  • Anne Balle, Senior Associate, AWA (Ep22)
  • Trevor Alldridge, Chief Executive, Boost Cognition (Ep26)
  • Ken van Someren, Boost Cognition (Ep29)
  • Fiona Condron, Audit Partner, BDO (Ep34)
  • Nick O'Donnell, Director of Estate & Facilities, Kings College, London (Ep 35)
  • Dr Colombine Gardair, Director of Innovation, AWA (Ep31)
  • Lisa Whited, Senior Associate, AWA (Ep28)
  • Sophia Fonseca de Nino, AWA (Ep27)
  • Michael Hirahara, Principal & Co-Founder, Fulcrus Investments (Ep 30)
  • Joshua Sumner, Consulting Methods Lead, AWA (Ep39)
  • Andrew Mawson, Founder & Managing Director, AWA (Ep39)
  • Dr David Greenfield,  Managing Director, SOENECS (Ep36)

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AWA Institutecontact: Natalia Savitcaia

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