How to cope with feeling rejected

The Head Trash Show with Alexia Leachman

03-07-2015 • 15 mins

Feeling rejected sucks!

I'm saying that because that's how it felt to me when I felt rejected a few weeks back. It all started with an email landing in my inbox. Without going into masses of detail, the email basically said "We don't want you anymore! We changed our minds." It was a business thing...  I had jumped through hoops and done a shed-load of work to be part of this THING, and I passed! I made it... all my hard work had paid off. When I got the email back in April letting me know that I was in, I was over the moon. So to get this new email a couple of weeks ago saying "aah well, we've changed our minds" really sucked!

The email arrived in the first hour of the day and totally ruined my morning. I really struggled to get any work done because feeling rejected like that felt so rubbish. By lunchtime, I decided that I really should clear this silly head trash. So after some thought, I realised that I was feeling rejected so that's what I decided to clear in myself.

As I sat down to use the 5 Step Head Trash Clearance Methodto clear my feeling rejected head trash, I thought I'd video myself clearing it. I figured that feeling rejected was something that a lot of people must experience too, and that it might be useful for people to see me clearing my head trash to see the 5 Step Head Trash Clearance Methodin action.

So, that's what I did. If you want to see the video, you need to make sure that you've signed up to receive the 5 step method as I'll only be sharing that video with the people who are interested in using the 5 step method... so if that's you - sign up! (that big flaming arrow on the right is where, or on any of the 5 Step Head Trash Clearance Methodlinks in this blog post)

Now, the interesting thing for me is what's happened since. Sure, once I'd finished clearing it, I was feeling soooo much better about that crappy email. In fact, I was laughing about it and how silly it was of me to even get emotional about such a thing.

But, later as the work started to settle, I realised that being part of the thing that I was rejected from, was actually keeping me commited to doing a whole bunch of stuff in my business that I no longer wanted to be doing. And so now I could release myself from that stuff and focus on what really mattered to me. I felt liberated! Since then, the clarity, the energy and the motivation that I've experienced has been phenomenal. And to think that was all from spending 20 minutes doing some head trash clearance work.

So, now I sit here grateful for that email and how it made me feel. Because without it I wouldn't have felt the need to clear my feelings of rejection, which wouldn't have led to this increased clarity and focus that I'm experiencing.