Dane Baptiste Questions Everything

Dane Baptiste & Howard Cohen

The podcast where comedian Dane Baptiste, producer Howard Cohen and a special guest pose the questions that need to be asked. Our special guests are amazing people from the world of film, TV, media and comedy.

Dane Baptiste Questions Everything, this has been an Insanity Podcasts production.

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Episode 160 Phileo Huff: What Have Black People Done To Deserve The Treatment That They Get?Episode 159 Mark Thomas: What's The Point Of The Labour Party?Episode 158 Shazia Mirza: How Free Should Free Speech Be?Episode 157 Ed Byrne: Where Do You Draw The Line?Episode 156 Fin Taylor: What Does Will Smith Vs Chris Rock Mean For Comedy?Episode 155 Dennis Bovell: How Do You Stay Young?Episode 154 Laura Mucha: Is Love A Human Right?Episode 153 Ava Vidal: Will The Elite Always Rule Over Us?Episode 152 Jolyon Rubinstein: Is This World War Three?Episode 151: Ain't Got A Question Comic Relief 2022 Special!Episode 150 Dara Ó Briain: Why Don't We Like New Things?Episode 149 Iain Dale: Why Can't We Just Get Along?Episode 148 Richie Brave: What Do We Do About The Rise Of The D*ckheads?Episode 147 Marcus Ryder: Should The Word "Diversity" Be Retired?Episode 146 Dr Peggy Brunache: Is Black History Month A Good Thing?Episode 145 Baroness Warsi: What Does It Mean To Be A British Citizen?Episode 144 Ruby Bhogal: Why Do I Get Food Guilt?Episode 143 Natasha Devon: How Do We Stop Apathy?Episode 142 Ed Aarons: Are Diving Players Mentally  Ill?Episode 141 Simon Brew: How Great Is Sly Stallone?