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Current Events, History, and the Nature of Reality

Bruce de Torres is the author of GOD, SCHOOL, 9/11 AND JFK: The Lies That Are Killing Us and The Truth That Sets Us Free, marketing director for TrineDay Publishing, and host of Reality With Bruce de Torres.

As an actor he had lead roles in comedies, dramas, and musicals in New York City and around the U.S. As an entrepreneur he hosted hundreds of business networking meetings as he developed his marketing, sales, and public speaking skills.

9/11 woke him up to the players behind the scenes. American history continues to inspire him.

He wrote a book called GOD, SCHOOL, 9/11 AND JFK. Great reviews at Came out in 2021. Kris Millegan at TrineDay published it. Huge honor. Bruce had been reading his books for years. "Books that challenge official history."

Then he helped Kris launch THE JOURNEY podcast and started making art, ads, and videos for the books, and for TrineDay's monthly (Zoom) Roundtables, which Bruce moderates, where experts discuss JFK's peace plan and Henry George's economics, which create prosperity wherever they are used. (Many of the Roundtables are on YouTube, on the channel: Valediction Vision.)

Then on weekends Bruce hosted a livestreaming show on TNT for 15 months, interviewing about 170 truth-tellers, including Dr. Meryl Nass, Dr. Naomi Wolf, Steve Kirsch, Dr. Jim Thorp, and Vera Schara. (Budget cuts ended the show.)

Now Bruce has launched his own show, Reality With Bruce de Torres, to continue the conversation about current events, history, and the nature of reality - livestreaming at (with the videos going on; search for Reality With Bruce de Torres).

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Reality with Bruce de Torres 6. Laura Aboli
Reality with Bruce de Torres 6. Laura Aboli
Laura Aboli, public speaker, writer and entrepreneur, discusses how the lies and harms inflicted by authority in the name of the pandemic inspired her to create the United Democratic International Movement for Awareness and Freedom (, to start posting on Telegram ( and, and to start blogging at, to “counteract the fear and the mind control that was leading people to accept the unacceptable:-the loss of freedom, the restriction of civil rights and the imposition of a ‘new normality’ based on separation, alienation, disconnection and total control.” We also discuss her lecture at The Better Way Conference in June 2023, TRANSHUMANISM: The End Game (on Rumble at SchrodingersFreedom), how "Transhumanism is simply the transitional stage between humanism and post-humanism. Make no mistake, the final goal is to eradicate humanity as we know it."And we review the threat to freedom that are the plans of the World Health Organization, the powerlessness that must be overcome, and the spiritual power into which we can tap. “Know thyself is the key to everything. Know who you are. Know that you are a divine, immortal soul.” Laura Aboli co-founded in 2000 World-Check, a database of Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs) and heightened-risk individuals and organizations, which became the de facto standard for identifying and managing financial, regulatory and reputational risk in the world’s financial and legal institutions.In 2010 Laura co-founded Wealth-X, which became the leading provider of intelligence on ultra-high-net-worth individuals. After exiting both companies by 2014, she established a property development and design company which she continues to run.REALITY WITH BRUCE DE TORRESLivestreaming on schedule at on Rumble.Audio on the usual podcast platforms.
Reality with Bruce de Torres 3. Michael McCarron
Reality with Bruce de Torres 3. Michael McCarron
Michael McCarron is the author of a brand-new book, BATTLESPACE OF MIND: AI and Cybernetics in Information Warfare. He is a software engineer, data scientist, and former signals intelligence technologist with the US Navy. He works with Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, and he is a researcher in Islamic Philosophy whose papers have been presented at the World Congress on Mulla Sadra in Tehran. His book just came out, March 19, 2024. People can get it not only at and the usual sellers, but Kris Millegan, the publisher at TrineDay, agreed that it’s so important, people can download a Free PDF at Kris has published, in the opinion of many, including me, some of the most important books of the past 20 years, books that challenge official history. I do marketing for TrineDay, and he published my book in 2021. Michael’s book is about the neurocognitive weapons the Nazis had developed that the Soviet Union and then the United States got after World War II. These weapons, Michael shows, are being used against us today by the advanced military powers of the world in an effort to control us completely. His book begins, in the Introduction, by saying, “This book is an investigation into cybernetics, automation, AI, cognitive science and physics for the purposes of Information Warfare,” to target the psyche with neuroweapons, really biological weapons. REALITY WITH BRUCE DE TORRESLivestreaming on schedule at on Rumble.Audio on the usual podcast platforms.