Self love Coaching with Mansi Shanghvi

Dr. Mobi on Lifestyle TV USA

11-03-2022 • 27 mins

What is self love? Why is it important? What does a self love coach like you do? A lot of people ask me. I take care of myself. I go to parties, I buy nice perfumes. That is self love right? Some of my clients say. Self Love. A topic as vast as the Ocean. The deeper you dive into Self love, the more treasures you find. Self love is when you become your own best friend. You have the courage to take responsibility for yourself. And you love yourself enough to forgive yourself. You choose to be grateful. You realize that you are enough and so is everyone else. Now you can ask me, why would i do that? Why should one not do that. If you can forgive yourself and treat yourself with kindness then, you will feel safe with yourself. Only in safety can anything flourish. Instead of criticizing yourself, judging yourself you can tell yourself, “I am angry at myself and I still love me”. This allows you to not get trapped in the past. It allows you to enjoy the present knowing that you have your own back. Loving yourself unconditionally gives you the freedom to look at yourself objectively, with full awareness and be completely honest with yourself. Loving yourself means you treat yourself with respect, treat others with respect, give respect to your own emotions. Instead of suppressing your emotions you can just hold it and observe it without having the need to prove yourself right or wrong. And when you do that you realize you can find Joy and Gratitude in everything. Loving yourself means you give yourself permission to love and be loved. You give yourself permission to dissolve the beliefs holding you back and welcome abundance in your self. Loving yourself means acknowledging that you are learning, always learnings and you choose to do it with love and joy. Because that is what we are all here for. To experience. To experience love. To be happy. To be Grateful. To Laugh and Dance with utter abandonment. I am a self love coach. The first session with me is a gift from me. So if you would like to experience a session with me do DM me. --- Support this podcast:

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