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Episode 23: Jersey; What's The Hype?
Episode 23: Jersey; What's The Hype?
Welcome back No Offense Podcast listeners to EPISODE 23...crazy and wild that we have made it so far. Jersey, the pros and cons, what's the hype, why do people love it and why do people hate it? In this episode with me myself and I, I give my take on Jersey and what is the hype about it, but also why do people want to dip the hell out as fast as they can? NO OFFENSE BUTTT non-Jersey people will understand the struggle of tourist and summer homes. Listen in and even leave a comment or submit a reason why Jersey is so amazing and why it can be so annoying, but also your personal experience about it. Also PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE check out the listener support and if you can donate anything at all everything counts. I want to start giving back and with how blessed I have been I want to bless others as well. Every month I will donate the listener support funds to a charity or organization and will post on Instagram. But the link for that is in the Podcast Bio on Spotify, in the episodes, and on the Instagram @nooffpod_cm so go check that out. Stay tuned for next week's episode ANNNNDDDD for the VERY FIRST EPISODE OF THE TRUE CRIME SERIES WITH CJ AND MATT! Check out the teaser trailer which is out now on my Spotify and the first episode "Watts Family: The American Murder Next Door", out this upcoming Wednesday. Thank you all for listening and keep listening and give me any other suggestions or episodes you'd want to hear. --- Support this podcast: