Ep. 45 Unapologetic Grief with Maria Belanic

Grief Talk w/ Vonne Solis

28-06-2023 • 1 hr 17 mins

This is a frank discussion between two bereaved moms about what it's like to live with long-term grief after losing a child. Maria experienced what was sometimes a harrowing journey caring for her son who was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 16 and died 11 years later. She is a wealth of knowledge, not only from the aspect of caregiving in general and what that does to you, but in the caregiving of a terminally ill child and the impact that type of child loss has had on her.

From questioning what was wrong with her, to friends leaving her behind and the expectations family and society has on bereaved parents, Maria is unapologetic in claiming her right to be a grieving mom and through this, how she found herself a voice for change personally and in the public arena.

Now as a Certified Grief Educator and speaker, you are guaranteed to learn  a lot from Maria in this conversation if you are going through, have gone through or want to support a loved one or friend through this type of loss experience.

0:00    Welcome
1:11    Meet Maria
4:19    Maria's loses her son
6:11    Something's wrong with me - I'm still grieving
8:19    Stages - toss them out the window
11:21  So-called friends disappearing
13:28  Roller coaster grief
16:32  I must not have been a good mother
18:54  Surviving siblings
20:19  Stop asking why!
23:19  Family and friends - get over it!
25:39  Child loss contagious?
29:58  The driving force to not stay in despair
32:33  Unapologetic grief!
39:54  Our body in grief - even a hug was excruciating!
44:35  The last photos and mementos
49:15  Changing what's happening for us
53:06  Suffering needlessly
55:24  Support and what we need
57:21  Self-love and self-care
1:02:44  Striving for perfection
1:07:04  The 5-Pillar system
1:12:55  Maria's resources
1:14:54  Closing
1:16:55  End

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