Principle 3: Maximizing benefits - data and analytics governance within Internal Audit

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26-03-2020 • 6 mins

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In this episode, we discuss principle 3: Maximizing benefits - data and analytics within Internal Audit.

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1.   Why you need to govern the use of data, within the I.A. team, in a different way.

2.   Why we must share data, that is collected or used for audits, with the whole audit team.

3.   Principle 1: Security and open access.

4.   Principle 2: Quality.

5. 5 core assurance analytics challenges

6.   "false positives" approach in this article.

For more advice on analyzing data for audits, you can find The Data-Confident Internal Auditor on Amazon, with bonus resources available at
The book aims to demystify the use of data in internal audits through practical, step-by-step guidance.

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