Cities and Memory - remixing the world

19-05-2022 • 30 mins

Estacio do Oriente, Lisbon reimagined by Synnax.

"This is based on further exploration with  the new Rrreeaaa Timestretch algorithm built in to Reaper.  It chops up two minutes of a track by Karhide from their Feb 2022 Project and then extending it out to just under 30 minutes and mixing it with the Estacio do Oriente field recording.  Both of the tracks we heavily processed with plugins including Quadravox (Eventide), TAIP (BABY Audio), Eos 2 (Audio Damage), ShaperBox 2 (Cableguys), smartEQ3 (sonible), StereoSavage (Plugin Boutique), Spaced Out (BABY Audio) and Crystalline (BABY Audio)."