#008 BRICE BUTLER From NFL Gridiron to Golf; Mental Challenges of Golf, NFL, MLB; Playing Augusta National

Diggin Deep Podcast

10-04-2024 • 1 hr 5 mins

In this episode we sit down with Brice Butler, whose athletic prowess has taken him from the high-octane world of the NFL to the serene greens and fairways of golf courses around the globe. Butler, originally known as the former USC/San Deigo State alum who has played wide receiver for the Cowboys, Dolphins and Raiders, now channels his competitive spirit into becoming a golf influencer, sharing his journey of improvement and discovery in the sport. With a YouTube channel dedicated to his golfing adventures, Brice is playing prestigious courses worldwide, like Augusta National, all while navigating the challenges and joys of learning a new sport.

This conversation digs deeper into Brice's transition from football to golf, exploring the mental and physical parallels between the two sports, and how skills in one can translate to success in the other. We also get a glimpse into the unique world of golf culture through Brice's eyes, including his experiences with the sport's etiquette, the welcoming (and sometimes not-so-welcoming) golf communities, and how he's leveraging media to reshape the narrative around golf for a new generation.

Our chat with Brice goes beyond just a career change; it's about finding new passions and the drive to excel in them. He shares insights on the mental shift from team sports to the solitary challenges of golf, the cultural nuances of both worlds, and his approach to mastering a game that's as much about patience as precision. Brice's story is one of exploration and enjoyment in sports, reflecting on what it means to compete with oneself and how an athlete's discipline transcends the field.

Join us as Brice shares personal stories from both his NFL career and his current golfing escapades, offering insights into the discipline, dedication, and passion required to excel in any athletic endeavor. Tune in to hear about Butler's journey from gridiron glory to golfing growth, all through his eyes.

Brice Butler

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Bio: a former NFL wide receiver, drafted by the Oakland Raiders in the 7th round of the 2013 NFL Draft. He played college football at USC and San Diego State. Now, Brice has a 30k subscriber and growing YouTube Channel


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