#006 RON WASHINGTON & ERIC YOUNG SR The Art of Coaching & Leadership; Nurturing a Championship Culture; the Role of a Coach in Player Development

Diggin Deep Podcast

27-03-2024 • 1 hr 28 mins

Dig Deep into the art of coaching and leadership in baseball in a discussion with two of the most respected MLB coaches in the game- LA Angels Manager, Ron Washington, and his trusted third base coach, Eric Young Sr; both former MLB players themselves, Wash and EY get right into an enthusiastic and fun conversation with former World Series Champion, and host, Eric Hosmer, Process & Development Coach, Justin Su'a, and 12-year MLB Veteran and media personality, Peter Moylan.

Wash shares his perspective on accountability and its crucial role in player development, emphasizing the importance of genuine leadership in building a winning culture. He details the importance of accountability in coaching, illustrating how acknowledging one's limits and seeking answers can foster mutual respect and growth between coaches and players.

Eric Young Sr. discusses the evolution of baseball wisdom, highlighting how adaptability and understanding individual player needs are key to fostering team spirit and growth.

Both Wash and EY stress the significance of leadership that extends beyond baseball strategies to include personal growth, team cohesion, and the development of a winning mindset.  They reflect on their roles as mentors in the sport, underscoring the responsibility of seasoned players and coaches to pass down their knowledge and wisdom, thus ensuring the continued growth and success of baseball.

Effective leadership involves more than just directing others; it's about inspiring, guiding, and supporting individuals to achieve their best, applicable in any group or organization.  The episode underscores the critical role of open and genuine communication between coaches and players in building trust, understanding, and a cohesive team dynamic.

Listen in as hosts Eric Hosmer, Justin Su’a, and Peter Moylan eagerly ask Wash and EY all of these themes, frameworks, and processes that make Wash and EY two of the most respected legendary leaders in the game of baseball.

Ron Washington Bio

  • Former MLB infielder and manager, known for his tenure with the Texas Rangers.
  • Led the Rangers to two consecutive World Series appearances in 2010 and 2011.
  • Renowned for his expertise in infield defense and his player-focused coaching style.
  • Currently serves as a coach, bringing decades of experience in player development and team leadership.
  • As a player: Los Angeles Dodgers (1977), Minnesota Twins (1981–1986), Baltimore Orioles (1987), Cleveland Indians (1988), Houston Astros (1989–1990)
  • As a coach: New York Mets (Infield and Third Base Coach, 1997–2002), Oakland Athletics (Third Base Coach, 1996, 2003–2006), Atlanta Braves (Third Base Coach, 2017–2023)
  • As a Manager: Texas Rangers (Manager, 2007–2014), Los Angeles Angels (2024)

Eric Young Sr Bio

  • Former MLB outfielder and 2nd baseman with a career spanning from 1992 to 2006, known for his speed and base-stealing abilities.
  • 1996 National League stolen base leader and All-Star.
  • After retiring as a player, transitioned into coaching, focusing on base running and outfield defense.
  • Respected for his mentorship of young players and his insightful approach to coaching and player development.
  • As player: Los Angeles Dodgers (1992), Colorado Rockies (1993–1997), Los Angeles Dodgers (1997–1999), Chicago Cubs (2000–2001), Milwaukee Brewers (2002–2003), San Francisco Giants (2003), Texas Rangers (2004), San Diego Padres (2005–2006), Texas Rangers (2006)
  • As coach: Arizona Diamondbacks (2010–2012), Colorado Rockies (2014–2016), Atlanta Braves (2018–2023), Los...