Ep 009 How to create your own show

One Voice can change the world with Tina Bangel

11-11-2015 • 46 mins

Episode 009 How to create your own show

The One Voice of Veronica Alonzo

Veronica is a Sydney based Singer and Producer

Sometimes we are held back to pursue our dreams but Veronica had the courage to slowly but surely climb that mountain, the mountain of the music industry.

Learn about her musical journey as a student of NIDA and her experience as Kim in the Chatswood amateur production of Miss Saigon.

We chat about how she gave Lea Salonga a tour around the Opera House and her experience.

How she mentally prepared for the Lea Salonga concert as a support artist.

How to create your own show

- Do a show that is true to you

- Find songs that you love and weave a story around it

- Open yourself up to people and be vulnerable

-  Have a team that you trust

What were the struggles creating the show - Budgeting and marketing

Make sure you support Veronica and her friends:

State of Mind

Vanguard Newtown

18th of November, 2015

Things we chat about:

The power of Instagram

Follow Veronica

Lea Salonga

Jeepney owned by Nicole Ponseca

Clarissa Bock


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