Ep 007 How an energy healer can help build your singing confidence

One Voice can change the world with Tina Bangel

06-10-2015 • 1 hr 1 min

I use singing as my way of releasing my frustrations and expressing myself.

It’s a way to calm me and I enjoy the spiritual feeling I get from it.

It must be the deep breathing and the centering.

But what happens when singing is your job and sometimes you always fall sick before an important gig.

Over the years, through dealing with students and professional singers, I had noticed that the first thing to go is the voice.

What happens when you can’t overcome performance anxiety no matter how much you practice.

This is where Melissa Zammit, of Pure Energy Therapies, comes in. This is just another resource that you can use to overcome performance anxiety or to prepare yourself for gigs, mentally and physically.

Melissa is a fully qualified Energetic Healing practitioner. (Diploma of Energetic Healing). She has a background in Cancer Nursing and experience as a Clinical Nurse Consultant working directly with woman with Breast Cancer.

Melissa and I first met at a Marie Forleo’s B-school gathering and from the moment I met her I was drawn to her work.

This energy healing is not to replace any medical professional advice.

I know you will get a lot of practical tips within this interview to help you as a performer.

We chat about her work and how it has helped many people,

her gift of seeing spirits, which angel to call upon to help clear blockages, and the affirmations and techniques (EFT) that will help you to manifest the performance you want.

Here are my questions and what you will learn:

  1. Tell us about what you do?
  1. What is energy?
  1. How can your work help singers and performers?
  1. What are some ways that someone at home can clear their own energy so they can be more confident?
  1. How to clear blocked energy through Chakra meditation?

Related Glands | organs | Colour | Musical Note

Pineal | Crown | Purple |  Note B

Pituitary | 3rd eye | Violet | Note A

Thyroid | Throat | Blue | Note G

Thymus | Heart | Green | Note F

Pancreas | Solar Plexus | Yellow | Note E

Spleen | Stomach | Orange |  Note D

Gonads | Base | Red | Note C

  1. What, where and is the throat Chakra and How can you clear the throat chakra? How do you know that you have a blocked throat Chakra?
  1. I remember having a chat to you during our B-school meet up and you mentioned you see spirits? Tell us about the first time you saw one and what is their purpose? How can someone tap into that side of their being?
  1. The fear of being heard or seen can be very powerful that it can hold some people down or stop people from going for their dreams - if we don't have access to a energy healer how can a parent or a coach help someone from overcoming that fear?

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