How one voice can change the world with Fideliz Cruz

One Voice can change the world with Tina Bangel

07-12-2016 • 25 mins

Thank you Fideliz Cruz for having me on your show!  Always such a pleasure to work with you!

This episode is an interview was from Fideliz Cruz's YouTube Channel.

"In this episode, I had the pleasure of interviewing Ms Tina Bangel.

Founder and Owner of "One Voice" School of Singing!

I'm so inspired by Tina as i watch her do what she loves the most and that's sharing the message of "One Voice" & sharing her talent of singing and empowering her students through music.

So How can One Voice; YOUR VOICE change the world?

Here are the Gold Nuggets that i got from this interview:

In the journey of discovering your passions and what it is that lights you up, It's all about giving it a go and trying out new things! Courageously take the opportunities that you're given and use this as a learning experience! - You never know, this could be the stepping stone towards discovering your passion!

There will never be a perfect time, so don't wait any longer and decide to make the move today! This might be in your business, your career, in your studies etc. Focus on the WHY you're doing what you're doing and this will always cause you to move forward and not wait on the what seems to be "perfect" timing.

and lastly,

Your opinion, your views, your thoughts and your words matter and you've got to be heard! All of us evolve and change as we grow and as we do that, we need to be able to express ourselves. This is a great tool to get our message of love, hope and encouragement out there. Whatever your message to the world, make sure it come's from within. If you need to get coaches to help you bring that voice out, then do it!

I love what Tina says:
"One Voice. It starts with you and you have the confidence within you. You have the ability to change peoples lives with your voice. It doesn't matter if it's singing, ti could be through dance, art or sports but you have that ability to change peoples lives just because you have the inspiration and drive within you."

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Thank you One Last Time Productions for making this beautiful video!"