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Episode 161 - Jumping In The River For A Fish
5d ago
Episode 161 - Jumping In The River For A Fish
FIND ALL OF OUR INFO HERE : https://linktr.ee/honeyholeangling   In this episode, the hosts discuss various topics including remote podcasting, UFO sightings, bridge collapses, aliens, Sasquatch, soccer tryouts, decision-making, Mending the Line on Netflix, and fishing retreats like Casting for Recovery. The conversation covers topics such as pairing fishing buddies, the preference for organic vs. assigned fishing buddies, fishing with new anglers, tying flies, trimming rubber legs, caring vs. not caring about catching fish, getting a Magikarp tattoo, and ranking water Pokemon. In this episode, the hosts engage in a lighthearted conversation about ranking Pokemon by coolness and share their personal experiences. They discuss a weird interaction at a gas station and a fishing adventure that involved jumping into a river. The hosts also brainstorm future podcast ideas and potential activities to engage their listeners. Takeaways - Remote podcasting allows for live streaming and interactive features. - UFO sightings and bridge collapses generate curiosity and speculation. - Discussions about aliens and Sasquatch can be entertaining but may lack concrete evidence. - Soccer tryouts involve tough decision-making and consideration of skill levels. - Mending the Line is a popular fly fishing movie available on Netflix. - Casting for Recovery and fishing retreats provide unique experiences for participants. - Unexpected and strange interactions can happen in everyday life. - Adventures and mishaps while pursuing hobbies can make for interesting stories. - Brainstorming and discussing ideas can lead to new and exciting podcast content.   Chapters 00:00 Introduction and Remote Podcasting 02:36 Exploring UFO Sightings and Bridge Collapse 05:12 Discussion on Aliens and Sasquatch 08:04 Soccer Tryouts and Decision-Making 13:19 UFO Sighting and Mending the Line on Netflix 24:49 Pairing Fishing Buddies 27:21 Organic vs. Assigned Fishing Buddies 29:35 Fishing with New Anglers 31:06 Tying Flies 33:05 Trimming Rubber Legs 35:06 Caring vs. Not Caring about Catching Fish 38:09 Getting a Magikarp Tattoo 42:02 Choosing a Fish Pokemon Tattoo 43:18 Ranking Water Pokemon 43:51 Ranking Pokemon by Coolness 49:23 Weird Interaction at the Gas Station 57:55 Jumping into the River to Catch a Fish 01:03:30 Discussion on Future Podcast Ideas