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Solar Power During SHTF – How to Get Started
Solar Power During SHTF – How to Get Started
Getting into Solar for SHTF? Step 1: Electricity is dangerous. Follow all product guidelines and read all warnings - run your plans by an electrician for advice and support where needed.Step 2: Get the inexpensive solar products under “starting out” below. Play with low draw solar and start charging your phones, lights and other low capacity items… Start using your wattage meters to measure energy consumption.Step 3: LEARN: Familiarize yourself with general electrical terms, Watts, Watt-hours, Amps, Amp hours, milli-amps (mha), Voltage, DC, AC, etc. Google is your friend. “Google how does a 100W solar panel work..” “how does a solar battery station work”Step 4: Make a spreadsheet of everything you might want to power in SHTF and calculate its power consumption in Watt-hours (Wh). Using the watt meters below, start recording how much energy your appliances and electrical items consume each day.Step 5: Based on step 3 - decide on which larger solar power system you’d like to invest in. I have the Bluetti AC200MAX with 4 200W solar panels. Link is below. It will power my deep freeze, mini fridge and small draw items every day, and I can replace that energy with the solar panels. Do you need it to be mobile, or can it be more permanent?Step 6: Consider having an electrician install any solar panels, battery storage units and or power interfaces. (Safety first!). Starting Out - Solar Power – Getting Started with these products: · 30W Solar Panel· 20000 mAh Battery bank - USB· Electricity Usage Monitor – Standard Digital Monitor· Switch Bot Smart Plug Energy Monitor (15A) – shows energy data on your phone· USB Energy Usage Monitor – for low draw items· 1.5W Soft White LED Lighting - USB Solar Power – Doing More with these products: · Anker 521 Portable Power Station – 256Wh· 100W USB C Fast Charging Cable Solar Power – Getting Serious with these products: · 53 Quart 12V DC / 110 AC Refrigerator / Freezer· Bluetti Power Station & Solar Panel Combinations - Use discount code “welcome” to get $80 off your sale 😉 Got an opinion on this topic?  Let us know, send us an email or join us over on insta or facebook, or leave us a voicemail here. Build Community - Do the Work - Be a Force Multiplier for Good Sign Up for Digital Magazine - And get our Free Guide - "Build the Ultimate Home Defense AR-15" Please support our podcast and brand by following us on Instagram and Facebook.  As always - Let us know how we did, suggestions, and your point of view. Email: --- Support this podcast: