Natty 20 LEGACY

Red Kitten Productions

Natty 20 is a roleplay heavy modified fourth edition D&D podcast, featuring a diverse LGBTQIA+ inclusive cast of compelling characters.

Campaign one follows Captain Kellam Steele and his band of misfits as they explore the land of Dearbhla. From betrayal, to lost love, to literal food fights, the crew will face it all, so batten down the hatches and join us on deck!


Havoc (they/he): The DM;

Lou (he/they): Malik the Darfellan Bard;

Dan (he/they): Kellam Steele the Half-Vampire Death Knight, Orion Luthor the Half-Vampire Blood Mage;

Pixie (she/they): Eidilea Hyrone the Elktaur Shaman;

Annie (she/xe/they/it): Lace Gallagher the Human Rogue;

Teegan (they/it): Valxius the Tiefling Wizard;

Music courtesy of Shane Ivers

Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

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