Seed Songs Studio Album Preview - Introduction

Voice of the Bride Music

18-06-2023 • 1 min

I’ve carried these songs with me—some for many years. Each telling the story of a journey, a reality, a revelation, a relationship. Seed Songs is a sowing. Simple, yet complex, a single seed holds the mysteries not only of its own fulfillment but of everlasting generations. I pray these songs will grow into anthems of identity and anchors of love. May you sit in the shade of the trees that take root. And share the sweetness of fruit revealed. May these seed songs ride living breath to find far-away soil. Tucked away, tended to, then transformed as new voices take hold of heirloom seed. I hope you make these songs your own. May each seed resonate in the rich diversity of the unified voice of the Bride. Amen. Faithful and True!