Oil of Testimony, Gail’s Song, Family, My Hope and Glory

Voice of the Bride Music

14-08-2023 • 15 mins

One of the great honors of Voice of the Bride is when our singing to God transitions to God singing through us. These unique, personal songs have brought great encouragement, revelation, and a realization that our Father loves us even more than we can imagine. We get a glimpse of the tremendous heart of Love for the person or group we are singing over.These moments remind us of how the Psalms were written as musicians and singers played skillfully in the presence of God. David’s psalms were very intimate and specific to his life. Yet they continue to reveal Jesus and speak to us today. In the same way, these spontaneous songs reach far beyond the people in the room that day. We hope you will find personal encouragement in these songs as well. // Songs: “Oil of Testimony,” “Gail’s Song,” “Family,” “My Hope and Glory.” // Video credits: Dimensions Center and Kevin McCroskey. Thank you!