Aslan is On the Move

Voice of the Bride Music

11-01-2023 • 9 mins

Improvised Lyrics: “There’s nothing you can’t do, no. Yeah. There’s nothing you can’t do. When the winter melts away, melts away, ooh oh. Yeah, there’s nothing you can’t do. Aslan is on the move. Yeah, on the move, yeah. Yeah, on the move. ‘There’s nothing you can’t do, no.’ You’ll hear him say. ‘With me, there’s nothing you can’t do, no, every day, yeah. I have equipped you. I have equipped you. And I will gift you with everything you need. Yeah, I’m on the move.’ Aslan’s on the move, oh oh. Yeah, the lion’s on the move, yeah. ‘Sons of Adam, daughters of Eve, come to my throne and take a seat. Together we will reign. Together we can play. Together we will thrive. Open up your eyes, open wide.’ Oh, yeah, Aslan’s on the move. And he’s coming now through you! Yeah. Can you hear his call? Mmhmm. Can you hear his call? Yeah. Yeah, he’s on the move. Well, I hear he’s not safe at all. Oh, but he’s good. Yeah, not safe at all. But always good, yeah. Aslan’s on the move. Yeah, the lion’s on the move. He’s moving now through you. Now the mighty roar, can you hear the mighty roar? Sons and daughters now will soar. Yeah, we’re on the move. Yeah, go ahead and move. Yeah, his paw prints in the snow, a sign that spring soon will show. The moment we step in, spring is coming, things start melting. Yeah, Aslan’s on the move, yeah. Mmm.”