Voice of the Bride Music

28-12-2022 • 8 mins

A song of a father. // Improvised lyrics: Well I went up to Boston with you on my mind. Looking in the shop doors to see what I could find. I gotta find something that will speak to your heart. Cause I know you’re coming soon and I’ll be ready from the start. And I say, Oooh, my girl, yeah. Yeah oooh yeah you’re my girl. He says, Oooh you’re my girl, yeah, ohh. Now I’m a great Papa, I’m a father of you. I know what you’re like and I love everything that you do, yeah. Just like a little kid, dancing in your clothes, wearing that pretty dress and lipstick on your nose, oh, yeah, I say, Oooh, yeah, I’m a father of you. I say, ooh yeah yeah. So come on the dance floor, just like we used to. Come like a little girl in her tutu. Come like a little boy—yeah, I’m also talking to you. Come on now, little boy, let’s go. Let’s go, yeah. Oooh I’m a father to you. Oooh I’m a Papa, yeah, I say, oooh I’m a Father to you. I say, ooh yeah yeah I’m a Papa to you. So back down in Boston, looking for that gift. Looking for something cause I know that you’re coming soon. I’ve got it all ready, packaged up in your favorite color. I’ve got it all ready for you, my daughter, and your brother. I know you’re both coming home, yeah coming soon. And I’ll be out running, I’m running to meet you, yeah. And I say, oooh I’m a a Papa to you. Oooh, yeah yeah, I’m your Papa! So let’s go to Boston! I don’t care what we do. As long as we’re together, yeah when I’m with you. I love to be, I love to be with you. I love to sing with you. I love to dance with you, dance and play everyday. Oooh, I’ll be a Papa to you. Oooh, a Papa to you. (Go ahead and play). So let’s ride up to Boston. You’re right here with me. Let’s go in the shops and just see what we can see, yeah. So history is healed, now. I really don’t care where you’ve been. Cause I know that we’re together, my daughter, my son, my friends. Oooh I’ll be a Father to you. Oooh I’ll be a Papa, yeah. Oooh I’m now a Father to you. Oooh.

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