Gratitude (For Every Name)

Voice of the Bride Music

26-01-2023 • 12 mins

Improvised Lyrics: “Ooh, ooh, oooh gratitude, oh, I pour out to you, my gratitude. Gratitude, oh oh gratitude, I pour out to you, oh yeah. Let my thanks be a song, yeah, let my thanks be a song, let my thanks be a song of gratitude, yeah. Gratitude, I pour out gratitude. I have so much thanks for you. I’ve gotta pour out my gratitude. Yes, I thank you for being my rescue. Oh you ride across the heavens to come and rescue me. Oh, yeah, oh, oh, ooh. Well You have many names and you keep revealing them to me. Not just something you say but the things that You do for me. Oh, You are El Shaddai, You are God Most High, Yahweh Elohim, Jesus Christ is for me. Oh, and I elevate, You are God so great. You are lifted high, forever You will be in my eyes. Oh here’s my gratitude, yeah, poured out to You. Oh my gratitude lavished on You, yeah. Oh an offering is what I love to bring. I pour out to You, I pour out to You, yeah. Hallelujah! You’re my hallelujah! You’re my hallelujah! You are Faithful and True, yeah there’s none like You. God most high, to You I cry out with my gratitude, yeah. Here’s my gratitude, all poured out to You, oh yeah. (Ooh…) Something in the name, yeah, something in Your name. With every name You reveal, another part of me gets healed, cause You are the wholeness in me. The God of my design, yeah. God most high, You fully made me. And You return me to the perfection that You made. And all of Your heart that You gave. ‘Cause You reveal your name and another part of me is restored. Oh, and gratitude, here’s my gratitude, so much thanks for You, Yahweh. You’re the Rapha who heals. You’re the Rapha who heals. You turn the bitter into sweet. Yeah You’ve healed all of me. You’re the Jireh who provides. You’re the Pappa, my supply. I trust in you, and You’re open hand. You are my inheritance. You are the God who sees. You are my destiny, everything I need. Oh, there’s so much in the name, yeah. Yeah, there’s so much in Your name. Oh, and I give You my thanks for Your names. Ooh, oh yeah. Oh yeah, gratitude. Ooh, yeah, ooh. The God who’s present here with me. A trinity of three: Papa, Jesus, El Shaddai–Holy Spirit–You’re all God Most High. And my gratitude I give to all of You. Because You give all to me. Oh, all I need. I pour out my thankful. I pour out my grateful. I open my jar and pour it out far, all of my love for You. Hallelujah, Faithful and True. I’m so grateful for you. I’m so thankful. It’s a never-ending song of my life to sing, this offering of grateful to You.“

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