Episode 3: KetoFiveO with Eric Reynolds

Primal Foundations Podcast

20-08-2023 • 1 hr 4 mins

Fasten your seatbelts as we embark on an awe-inspiring journey of transformation with our guest, Eric Reynolds - or as he's known to many, Keto 5.0. A retired police officer from Boyton Beach, South Florida, Eric is here to unfold his remarkable tale of shedding over 80 pounds and reversing heart disease, all thanks to the ketogenic and carnivore diets. From his childhood days to the introduction of high fructose corn syrup into his diet, we'll be traversing his life's timeline, shining a light on the pivotal moments that shaped his health journey.

Eric's story is not just about personal transformation; it's a beacon of hope to his community. He's been a catalyst for change, encouraging his fellow first responders and police officers to embark on their health journeys. From hosting the unique Cops and Campers events to providing dietary coaching, Eric’s relentless dedication to a healthier lifestyle is sure to blow your mind. We'll also tap into the world of nutrition, the benefits of resistance training.

Eric peels back the curtain on his family's health-centric lifestyle and their commitment to keto and carnivore diets. He’ll also share his battle with his cardiologist, shedding light on the often-overlooked dangers of prescription medications and the crucial need for preventative care. As we wrap up, we explore the rising popularity of the carnivore diet and the promising prospects for health advocacy in the industry. Get ready for an enlightening ride with Eric Reynolds as he shares his compelling journey from being a police officer to becoming Keto 5.0 - a health advocate and weight-loss champion.

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