Episode 15: Defying the Odds with Trevor Griffith

Primal Foundations Podcast

13-11-2023 • 44 mins

There's an incredible story of resilience waiting for you in our latest podcast episode - that of Trevor Griffith, a Marine bodybuilder, gym owner, and carnivore coach. Tune in as Trevor recounts his battles with serious health issues and discusses how he harnessed the power of diet and lifestyle changes to reclaim his health. His triumphant journey from being bedridden to thriving is a testament to the strength of human spirit and the transformative power of good nutrition.

The focus of our conversation revolves around Trevor's experiences with the carnivore diet and the profound impact it had on his health. Trevor discusses the radical changes he noticed, and how his journey led to a complete overhaul of his understanding of nutrition, flipping traditional wisdom on its head. His account of the carnivore lifestyle redefines food freedom, underscoring the importance of dietary experimentation and gradual transitions to prevent health complications, and offers valuable insights for anyone considering a similar path.

Our discussion doesn't stop there. Trevor provides a glimpse into his current lifestyle, discussing his transition from bodybuilding to functional workouts, his approach towards recovery days, and his experiences with ice baths and intermittent fasting. We delve into the benefits of a carnivore lifestyle, reduced toxins, and increased oxygen for overall health. This episode isn't just a testament to Trevor's inspiring journey, but also a wealth of practical advice to help you take charge of your health. Don't miss out on this engaging and insightful conversation.

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IG: @trevorlee89

Gym Website: https://hallofheroesirongym.com/

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