Episode 14: Discovering Fitness w/ Katie Petersen

Primal Foundations Podcast

06-11-2023 • 1 hr 1 min

Ever wondered how depression could be a catalyst for an epic journey into fitness? Join us as we navigate the inspiring journey of Katie Petersen, a fitness guru who discovered her love for strength training and yoga as a teenager grappling with depression. Thrust into the world of fitness, Katie's passion for the human body and anatomy transformed her life, leading her down a path of powerlifting, yoga, nutrition, and cognitive intelligence.

Katie shares with us her transition from marketing to kettlebells, reminiscing about her challenging yet insightful journey towards RKC certification and the Iron Maiden challenge. Listen as she discusses the importance of celebrating small wins and finding balance within the body's nervous system arc. The tale doesn't end there. Katie enlightens us about the significance of hobbies beyond movement-based activities and how she found solace in the calisthenics community during the pandemic. Hear about her practices with sound healing and the fascinating science behind sound and entrainment.

To wrap things up, Katie sheds light on her evolving strength training regimen and how she maintains a balanced diet while avoiding burnout. We also touch on the purpose of the Primal Foundations podcast and the importance of sharing personal experiences. This episode is an enlightening and motivational exploration of fitness, discipline, and personal growth. Whether you're a fitness enthusiast or someone trying to navigate their own journey through life, Katie's story offers valuable insights and a fresh perspective. So, tune in, and prepare to be inspired.

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Website: https://www.activeevolution.net/

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