Episode 9: The Health Impact of the Carnivore Diet with James Leman

Primal Foundations Podcast

02-10-2023 • 1 hr 17 mins

Imagine fighting a losing battle with your health and finding redemption in a diet that most would scoff at. That's exactly the remarkable journey our guest, James Leman aka The  Carnivorist, shares with us in this episode. From battling chronic fatigue, brain fog, and constant pain to becoming a beacon of holistic well-being, James discusses his transition from a standard American diet to a vegetarian lifestyle, and eventually discovering the transformative effects of a carnivore lifestyle.

In this lively dialogue, we break down the modern health paradigm, question the plant-based diet, and explore its potential pitfalls. James shares how he went from being a strict carnivore to incorporating low oxalate fruits and dairy into his diet, highlighting the invaluable lesson of finding a diet tailored to one's unique needs. We discuss the fascinating complexity of digestion, especially for those with a sluggish gallbladder, compromised pancreas, and low stomach acid, and how James modulated his diet to meet these challenges.

As we dive deeper into our conversation, we unravel the essential role of strength training and individualized nutrition in achieving optimal health. James pays tribute to his wife for her unwavering support during his health journey and discusses the simplicity of the carnivore diet and its potential to revolutionize health. As we wrap up, we turn our attention to intuitive eating, the significance of listening to our bodies, and the inspiring story of the Carnivorist Chats podcast and its upcoming projects. This is a real-life journey of transformation that will inspire you to explore the potential of diet in healing and health.

Connect with James:

IG: @the_carnivorist

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/@the_carnivorist

Apple Podcast: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/carnivorist-chats/id1680988446

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