Episode 12: Running Towards Transformation with Jake Thomas

Primal Foundations Podcast

23-10-2023 • 1 hr 13 mins

Ready to challenge the diet myths and fitness status quo? We're joined by Jake Thomas, a Transformative Health coach, six-time national physique champion, and former Marine, who's not shying away from sharing his journey from standard American fare to plant-based and vegan diets. Jake's experience with various diets and supplements provides invaluable insights for anyone curious about the role nutrition plays in physical and mental health.

Dive into the world of high-fat, low-carb eating as we debunk the myth that a daily serving of steak and eggs is dangerous. Hear about my personal transition to a carnivorous diet, and the incredible boost it brought to my performance and mental clarity. We also share our marathon experiences and the importance of the right nutrition, hydration, and pacing to avoid race-day woes. From running a half marathon to completing a full one, Jake's journey, peppered with fasting experiments for races, is nothing short of inspiring.

To wrap up, we talk about the significance of personal ownership and commitment in achieving fitness goals.  Step out of your comfort zone and join us for this enlightening discussion.

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