Episode 1: Transforming your Lifestyle: A Deep Dive into Nutrition, Fitness, and Health with Casey Ruff

Primal Foundations Podcast

04-08-2023 • 49 mins

Join us as we unfold the riveting journey of Casey Ruff, a performance enhancement specialist, and host of two successful podcasts "Boundless Body Radio" and "How to make a Podcast (Podcast)". Apart from his fitness journey, Casey also shares how he and his wife established Boundless Body amidst a global pandemic. Known for his expertise in nutrition, training, and heart rate monitoring, you're in for a treat as Casey unveils the secrets that have helped countless clients achieve their fitness dreams.

As we venture deeper into our chat, Casey delves into the fascinating world of diet and fat-burning. He shares how the manipulation of diets can significantly alter calorie burn rates, hinting at the power of low-carb, ketogenic, and carnivore diets. Imagine turning your body into a fat-burning machine, one that taps into stored fat for energy - Casey explains just how this can be achieved. We also unpack the surprising benefits of strength training for overall health, something not to be missed if you're serious about your fitness goals.

Rounding out our conversation, we dig into the evolution of the human diet and the impact of industrialized food on our health. Ever wondered about the rise of processed grains, sugar, and seed oils? We touch on how these shifts have contributed to an obesity and diabetes crisis. However, don't despair - we also discuss transitioning away from the standard American diet and how fasting can be an effective tool in this journey. Our time with Casey ends with a crucial reminder - the importance of finding the right coach or mentor to guide you in your health and fitness journey. So buckle up and get ready for an enlightening conversation that promises to alter your perspective on nutrition, training, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Casey Ruff
Instagram: @casey_ryan_ruff
Website: https://www.myboundlessbody.com/
Podcast: Boundless Body Radio

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