Side Effects of a Basketball Fashionista (with Sydney Carter)

Small Doses with Amanda Seales

01-06-2022 • 47 mins

This week, we are joined by women’s basketball coach Sydney Carter, who went viral for her sideline style. ~ For more content, subscribe to our Patreon (! ~ Start mailing and shipping with, and keep more money in your pocket every day. Sign up with promo code DOSES for a special offer that includes a 4-week trial, plus free postage and a digital scale. No long-term commitments or contracts. Just go to Stamps dot com, click the microphone at the top of the page, and enter code DOSES. For simple, smart savings on your prescriptions, check GoodRx at Download the FREE GetUpside App and use promo code DOSES to get $5 or more cash back on your first purchase of $10 or more. To score 15% off your Blenders purchase, visit BLENDERS EYEWEAR dot com and enter promo code dosesvip. That’s BLENDERS EYEWEAR dot com, code dosesvip for 15% off. Blenders—Rocked with pride, worldwide.  Right now, Hungryroot is offering Small Doses listeners 30% off your first delivery and a free gift with every delivery. Just go to, to get 30% off your first delivery and choose your free gift. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit