Side Effects of Reproductive Rights (with Lizz Winstead)

Small Doses with Amanda Seales

09-03-2022 • 1 hr 1 min

This week, we're joined by Lizz Winstead, founder of Abortion Access Front and cohost of Feminist Buzzkills Live, to talk about the wave of anti-abortion legislation sweeping the nation. ~ For more content, subscribe to our Patreon (! ~ Trust me, you need to start taking the breaks you deserve with Jinjer Essential Oil too. And right now, I have an amazing deal just for my listeners: 20% OFF your first purchase. But this is only available at my special URL jinjer.US/DOSES There is a detective in all of us! Find your inner detective -- Download June’s Journey free today on the Apple App Store or Google Play! See why Catalina Crunch Cereal is the fastest growing cereal brand in America. Just go to for 15% off your first order—plus FREE shipping. Get 20% off your first order of Blueland’s revolutionary refill cleaning system when you go to Listen to Rich and Daily on Apple Podcasts, Amazon Music, or you can listen ad-free by joining Wondery Plus in the Wondery app. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit