Strange New Worlds And Spaced Out Tales

Jim Cogan

A Sci-Fi Anthology Audio Drama series, with full voice acting and sound design. read less


Ep5 - The Arenberg Principle
Ep5 - The Arenberg Principle
Ep5 - The Arenberg Principle A Sprawling, Epic Sci-Fi Space Opera After his glittering career is spectacularly derailed by a stupid graduation party stunt gone wrong, Danny 'Ace' Oswald finds himself reaching rock bottom, having to take the lowly position of Sanitation Engineer on the state-of-the-art starship he was originally supposed to be flying. From glorious, interstellar highs, to desperate and unpleasant lows - The Arenberg Principle is not just a story - it's a journey... Strange New Worlds and Spaced Out Tales is a Sci-Fi themed anthology audio drama podcast series featuring a full voice cast and atmospheric sound design. Each episode is a completely independent story so you can enjoy them in any order you like. Credits Episode 5 - The Arenberg Principle Written by Jim Cogan Cast John Kennard - Danny 'Ace' Oswald Ronni Ng - Sally 'Sal' McClean Topher Bishop - Pete 'Scraggy' Burns Stephen Newhand - Officer Morgan 'Thruster' Keene Anna Gasecka - Officer Kayleigh Mills Wolciech Matras - Senior Sanitation Supervisor Gordan Cheeseman and the News Announcer Jim Cogan - Senior Bridge Office Lawrence 'Tinballs' Timble / Captain Ironside / Careers Co-ordinator Production and Sound Design by Jim Cogan Sound Effects and Incidental Music Licensed from Envato Elements Theme Music by Jim Cogan Strange New Worlds and Spaced Out Tales is available on Youtube and all major podcast platforms. See our website for details; #audiodrama #podcast #scifi