ONE Question to Get More (Sales, Success, Joy) Out of Business & Life with Anna Rapp

ONE Question: Unapologetic Questions for Unapologetic Results

16-05-2022 • 30 mins

Let’s get honest with each other - do you really allow yourself to go all-out with what you want?

Maybe you’re the type who plays big when it comes to the things you want and going out to get them - and if you are, all the power to you! But our society doesn’t really teach many demographics to think this is “okay” to do.

And as a result, you aim small in business…and you also shrink and receive small results in return.

My guest and friend, business mentor and mindset coach, Anna Rapp, is going to help you flip that script so you can start believing it’s ok to want what you truly want - and show you what kind of doors that mindset can open up for you with your business and relationship with money -from more sales, more money, to fulfilling your values and finding more joy.

In this episode, Anna and I unpack ONE Question to Get More (Sales, Success, Joy) Out of Business & Life. Join the conversation to learn why wanting is the key to playing a bigger game in business, how to start exercising that “want” muscle for next-level success, and examples of surrender & detachment around those income and impact want so you can go after them without guilt or fear running the show!

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