Mike Shower Always Tells It Like It Is !

"I'm Glad You Said That" - Jim Minnery Talks Faith & Politics

25-01-2024 • 43 mins

Mike Shower is a no-nonsense, former fighter pilot who speaks with the kind of confidence and clarity that is as refreshing as it is rare.

He is existing right now in a three-member Alaska State Senate Minority because, once again, the Republicans in Juneau couldn't play together in the sand box. Despite having a majority, they gave power to the Democrats and sequestered the most conservative members to a small island.

At least we know who is willing to stand for what they campaigned on and hold the line on conservative principles that the party platform articulates. Showers along with Senators Shelley Hughes (Palmer) and Robert Meyers (North Pole) are in a very small minority but because of an allied Governor and House Majority, they have plenty to do in terms of stopping some of the worst legislation and possibly even getting some things across the finish line.

Senator Shower is on the show today and, as always, has a lot of energy.

Hope you can join us.

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