Ep 49 with Momtaz Begum-Hossain: Journalist & Author

Metralla Rosa

26-11-2023 • 1 hr 12 mins

Journalist | Author

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Having an intuitive, natural and organic relationship with the colours that surround us is considered to be the norm. While satisfying our daily needs by making conscious, deliberate and premeditated use of the wide range of tones and subtleties offered to us as joyful nourishment by the world around us, is the exception. Momtaz Begum-Hossain, our guest for this episode of Metralla Rosa, is a journalist and writer who has turned colour into her religion and, to demonstrate the importance of living her life whilst being fully conscious of how we use the colours that surround us, has published a book that we have received with open arms. Hello Rainbow: Finding Happiness in Colour is an invitation to realise that our daily chromatic choices can turn our love of life on, as well as off.

Whether you are in love with riotous combinations of colour, curious about the physical phenomenon in which light is translated into clear and distinct chromatic tones, a scholar - or a novice - of chromotherapy, or completely oblivious to the interactive role that colour plays in the dynamics of our day to day communication, you will, in this interview, discover that it is possible to instinctively connect to a source of light, life and pure infinite energy, beyond the superficial observations we tend to make about colour. Momtaz has forged her own path when it comes to the discovery of colour and, along the way, she has discovered that not only is there an inner wisdom in her understanding of the colours that surround her, but also a vast ancestral legacy that she has dedicated herself to unearthing and sharing.

‘Hello Rainbow: Finding Happiness in Colour’ is the result of an excavation into the importance that various cultures have placed onto the ethereal powers attributed to colour. It is also an accumulation of years of personal experiences gained in organising walks, talks, group activities, exhibitions and events that have brought together anyone, of any age, who has a love for life, and who is, unsurprisingly, also in love with colour. Discover, in this interview, rituals that help you tap into the magical power of the sun, light and colour as well as how to become a hunter and collector of rainbows. Discover too, the seven fundamental aspects of Hello Hue, the colour theory developed by Momtaz that, from an anti colonialist point of view, challenges the colour theories developed and popularised by a Eurocentric white, male perspective.

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