Ep 51 with Mai Nguyen Tri: Butoh Dancer & Choreographer

Metralla Rosa

01-03-2024 • 1 hr 20 mins

Butoh Dancer | Choreographer

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In Episode 51 of Metralla Rosa, Carla is in London, talking to Mai Nguyen Tri, a Franco-Vietnmese experimental Butoh dancer.

As a self labelled Zen Punk artist, Mai exploits her natural affiliation to water in order to give her gestural expressions a fluidity of movement that flow directly from her unconscious mind – a source deep enough to have provided her with twenty years worth of inspiration for her improvised performances. Butoh originated from 1950s post-war Japanese culture and, although Mai draws on the anti-stylised fluidity and slow, controlled movement of this relatively contemporary school of dance, she also honours the very specific social context of its birth by injecting her own experimental fantasy into her performances.

Mai left Brittany over thirty years ago, drawn to London by her fascination for English poetry, literature and culture, with Hackney Wick immediately becoming the base for her creative nest. It was in this eclectic and unorthodox side of urban London, her adopted city, that her soul finally found its home, where, from the moment she decided to put down roots, the contrasting sides of her expressive identity and artistic personality began to flourish.

The source of Mai’s inspiration fluctuates between the rebelliousness of London’s punk ethos and the minimalism of her zen heritage, and, with her background in literature and a keen interest in mental health, she has created her own, unique language that precedes her and defines her. She is curious and visionary and, as such, has collaborated with artists from various disciplines, including the reggae musician Clapper Priest, the multidisciplinary Xuân Sinden, the Afro-Irish poet Grassy Noel Macken and the ambient-noise bands Ampersand and Fear of Fluffing. However, and above all else, one of her greatest achievements, has been managing to remain uncompromisingly truthful and uncomfortably relevant in a city filled with commercial art, trendy newcomers and an insanely competitive cultural scene.

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