Ep 37 with Cal Jader: DJ, music promoter & events producer

Metralla Rosa

15-04-2021 • 1 hr 17 mins

DJ | Music Promoter | Events Producer

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Latin American music owes a large part of its diffusion, promotion and continuous celebration within London to Callum Simpson. Mostly known as Dj Cal Jader, he has been the driving force behind the emotions and very existence of Movimientos – a project created with two clear and distinctive intentions: To offer spaces for fun, dancing and joyful recreation and to create political resistance out of the cultural reaffirmation of diversity and differences.

Emma Goldman, the well known anarchist and writer, once said ‘If I can’t dance to it, it is not my revolution’ and it is almost as if this has served as the inspiration for Movimientos’ creation of its solid artistic agenda, in which the right to be different is a fundamental part of its fight against the homogenisation of predominant cultures. Movimientos, in addition to being the most active and productive non-profit organisation dedicated to the creation of Latin American music events in the United Kingdom, is also the most interesting because it combines club culture with the promotion of the live music. Movimientos has, for years, offered support to emerging Latin American talent seeking exposure within London, while offering the more established names the opportunity to connect with British audiences by performing in the English capital.

Listen to this entertaining conversation in order to discover how a political student from the north of England and with Scottish roots ended up in love with Latin American music after taking an interest in South America’s political movements of the 20th century. Also discover what it has been like to co-produce Love Carnival, probably the best known and most fiery tropical party in the city, playing the musical fusions so loved by Cal. And finally, discover what it feels like to be a leading light of the scene he has embraced with his brotherly and multi-rhythmic beat, giving the Latin American diaspora his loyal support as well as his absolute commitment.

And now, enjoy the interview!


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