Ep 45 with Julie Bloom: Artist

Metralla Rosa

15-02-2022 • 1 hr 15 mins

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Born in Nairobi, the London based artist Julie Bloom grew up between Africa, Asia and Europe – or more specifically between Kenya, Hong Kong, Germany and the United Kingdom – and it is this concealed cultural diversity that can be found in both her work and personality, shaping her decidedly eclectic and modern visual language. Being the daughter of an architect and having been nurtured by such varied urban landscapes throughout her life, Julie explores an artistic language that is heavily influenced by the role architecture plays in the lives of those of us who allow ourselves to inhabited by the cities we inhabit.

Parallel to this, Julie tirelessly develops collections of work created with various media. Her body of work contains an incredibly fertile mix of abstract pop paintings and drawings inspired by the graphic language of geometric shapes, as well as prints and lithographs which she creates in limited editions. With a frankly enviable versatility, Julie also allows herself to flirt with figurative representations of iconic characters from the pop world, as can be seen in her series of urban landscapes inhabited by Marilyn Monroe.

An assorted amalgamation of influences in her work reveals a fascinating contrast between her admiration for the urban landscape and her thirst for nature, which is clearly derived from a life of travel and experiences in different parts of the world. In fact, the fusion of her life with her creative experiences can also be seen in her performances and interactions, in which she carries out an unapologetic and covert dialogue with the urban landscape, showing her work precisely where she wants it to be seen in the time honoured fashion of ‘guerrilla art’. In her work Julie not only reveals herself while hiding, but also plays at transforming herself as she dares to push the limits of art and its institutionalised conventions.

One of Julie’s most recent artistic projects are her fantastic Translations – Interactive experiences in which she creates images during a dynamic real-time exchange with her subjects, giving their words and emotions form and colour. Indeed, in this episode of Metralla Rosa you will watch and see the results of Julie’s ‘Translation’ of Carla’s very own stream of consciousness.

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