Ep 42 with Adele Brydges: Ceramic artist

Metralla Rosa

30-06-2021 • 1 hr 8 mins

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Adele Brydges’ ceramic creations sit perfectly and harmoniously at the crossroads between tradition and innovation. Her style and artistic projections live in a world that hovers between the tranquil inspiration of classical beauty and a vindictive voice that breaks the rules, whilst voluntarily placing itself in the absolute centre of the eye of a hurricane.

Believing that Art can be therapeutic, pleasure can be healing and sex can be sacred, Adele creates dildos and other erotic toys that are eco-friendly and aesthetically refined, allowing you to explore the art of pleasure through creation. And by learning ancient techniques used to create durable, every day objects and applying them to her pieces made for self pleasure, whilst at the same time staying true to her own tastes and sensual preferences, she has elevated the creation of utilitarian ceramic pieces to a new level.

To be welcomed into one of Adele’s East London workshops is to be invited into her innermost sanctuary, an intimate and sacred space, and the generosity implicit in this inclusive and welcoming gesture creates an immediate sense of gratitude and respect. Whether attending couples workshops, mixed sex workshops, or female – and female identifying – only workshops, your experiences will be enormously liberating, revitalising and healing. They will encourage you to go on a journey that reconnects you with creativity and self-pleasure, whilst helping you recognise that both are intrinsically intertwined and that neither of these life experiences should be seen as a final destination or a specific goal. The pleasure of creating and, in turn, using creation as a means of exploring the erotic self, lies in the journey itself – one of constant and continuous exploration and which is, according to Adele, full of seeds that will readily erupt into flower. It is for this reason that Adele’s stunning pieces are such elegant symbols of power, well-being, worth and beauty that will shamelessly open the doors to pleasure.

Discover, in this interview, the connections between her creations, her childhood and her grandmother, what she feels her most successful collaborations have been and where she feels her future and current challenges lie, in the face of the conservative, patriarchal morality.

And now, enjoy the interview!


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