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Going Mainstream E01 - Our Output, Their Channel

Role To Cast

20-07-2019 • 32 mins

An idealistic Rocker, a broker-for-hire, and a drugged up radio host enter a shipping container. Once they exit, they’ll be set on a collision course with one of the biggest mediacorps in Night City.

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Going Mainstream is played in the Cyberpunk 2020 system by R. Talsorian Games.

Role to Cast is an award-nominated TTRPG actual play podcast by four trained Australian actors. We play a different rpg system every season, bringing an original campaign, fresh music and audio drama caliber performances to the best games in the scene.

Role To Cast are:

Sean Flierl (

Chris Bond (

Phil Harker-Smith (

Ellen Graham (

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Nobody Famous

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Music by Paul Goodman

Artwork by Jack Sumner

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