Both Sides Of The Boundary

The Nightwatchman Podcast

18-05-2022 • 39 mins

Guest: Michael Atherton

Jon talks to Michael Atherton, a man who has held two of the great offices of the game, that of England men’s captain and cricket correspondent of the Times, a unique double, and one that he rounds off as one of Sky’s commentators.

Plenty of former players jump across into media, but it’s hard to think of any since perhaps Richie Benaud that have embraced their second life in the way that Mike has. If he mentions his playing days its with a kind of wry smile, and perhaps that has something to do with the age in which he played? In this episode, Mike talks candidly to Jon about life on both sides of the boundary rope.

The Nightwatchman Podcast

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Produced and edited by James Wallace

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