Friday Family Film Night: THE HOLDOVERS review


10-02-2024 • 17 mins

In which the Mister and Monsters join me in reviewing THE HOLDOVERS (2023), which you can find for streaming on Peacock.  Written by David Hemingson and directed by Alexander Payne, the film follows Paul (Paul Giamatti), who's asked to watch the holdovers, kids with nowhere to go over the Christmas break.  The group of kids diminishes when a parent comes to pick up their child and offers the other kids an invite but since Angus' (Dominic Sessa) mom doesn't consent because they can't get in touch with her, Angus must stay with Paul and the cafeteria manager, Mary (Da'Vine Joy Randolph.  They stay on the school premises for the next few days and in this short time, the three form a bond that will change them by the story's end.  Shout out to my buddy Zach for the recommendation.  The film clocks in at 2 h and 13 m and is rated R.  Please note there are SPOILERS in this review.

Opening intro music: GOAT by Wayne Jones, courtesy of YouTube Audio Library

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