Friday Family Film Night: MARRY ME review


24-02-2024 • 27 mins

In which the Mister and Monsters join me in reviewing MARRY ME (2022), which we caught on the Starz app but you can buy/rent from several platforms.  Written by John Rogers, Tami Sagher and Harper Dill; the film is directed by Kat Coiro.  The film follows Kat Veldez (Jennifer Lopez) who on the day of her wedding to fellow popstar, Bastian (Maluma), finds out that he's been cheating on her so Kat then decides to marry someone in the audience, Charlie (Owen Wilson).  They then work backwards from their marriage to falling in love.  The film clocks in at 1 h and 52 m and is rated PG-13.  Please note there are SPOILERS in this review.

Opening intro music: GOAT by Wayne Jones, courtesy of YouTube Audio Library

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