Friday Family Film Night: COLOSSAL review


02-09-2022 • 24 mins

In which the Mister and Monsters join me in reviewing COLOSSAL (2016) which is currently streaming on HBO Max.  The film, written and directed by Nacho Vigalondo, follows Gloria (a superb Anne Hathaway), a total mess of a girl who's forced to get it together when her boyfriend (Dan Stevens) forces her out of the apartment.  She moves back to her abandoned childhood home and meets up with Oscar (a superb Jason Sudeikis), an old childhood friend who at once rushes in to help her.  What at first seems innocent soon reveals itself to be a bit more sinister and add to that that Gloria quickly realizes that she's manifested a huge, colossal creature who is terrorizing the inhabitants of Seoul.  The film perfectly blends drama/fantasy and comedy to tell a very layered and engaging story.  The film has a run time of 1 h 49 m, and is rated R. Please note there are SPOILERS in this review.

Opening intro music: GOAT by Wayne Jones, courtesy of YouTube Audio Library.

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