Friday Family Film Night: HAROLD AND MAUDE review


17-02-2024 • 31 mins

In which the Mister and I check out HAROLD AND MAUDE (1971), which we caught on the TCM app.  From director Hal Ashby and writer Colin Higgins, the film tells the story of Harold (Bud Cort), a rich, young man who is obsessed with death and creating macabre scenes to elicit a response from his mother (played by Vivian Pickles).  He meets with a shrink regularly and indulges in his favorite pastime, attending funerals.  It is here that he meets 79 year old Maude (Ruth Gordon), a woman who may not have had the easiest life but who has nonetheless grabbed life with both hands and really lived it to the fullest.  The more that Harold gets to know her, the more we as a viewer see him change.  At its core its a love story about very different people finding each other and forming a wondrous bond and enjoying their precious time together.  In keeping with tonight's theme of very different takes on the love story, this film clocks in at 1 h 31 m and is rated  PG.  Please note there are SPOILERS in this review.

This episode of the podcast is dedicated to one of my oldest friends, a fantastic woman, an awesome friend and all around A1 human being - the lovely and amazing Suzette on her belated birthday. Opening intro music: GOAT by Wayne Jones, courtesy of YouTube Audio Library

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