[Ep#219] Thriving in STEM: Lessons of Resilience, Growth, and Empowerment

Women In Leadership

08-02-2024 • 37 mins

In this powerful podcast interview, I had the incredible opportunity to speak with Tiffani Teachey, a senior mechanical engineer, STEM advocate, TEDx international speaker, and author. Together, we delved into Tiffani's journey into STEM, discussing the impact of her resilience, authenticity, and passion for empowering underrepresented minorities to pursue careers in engineering. We explored the need for diversity and authenticity in male-dominated industries, and the invaluable lessons of resilience and growth. The episode showcases the value of diversity and authenticity, and how women in leadership can inspire and empower the next generation. Join us as we delve into Tiffani's impactful work and her mission to inspire and empower young girls and women to pursue their dreams in STEM. On today’s show, Tiffani is going to share:   - The importance of resilience  - The power of a growth mindset  - The transformative impact of empowering others  RESOURCES:   3 Stages of the Customer Journey Podcast Episode   Book in for an Authority Audit  5 Pillars to Build Visibility, Generate Leads and Enrol Clients with Ease Quiz  Are You Ready to Launch Your Coaching Business Podcast? Take the Quiz  Contact Tiffani: Website: www.stemistheway.com Linked In: in/tiffaniteachey Twitter: @tiffaniteachey Instagram: @tiffaniteachey Email: Tiffani@tiffaniteachey.com  A Personal Message from Annemarie Have you enjoyed listening to this podcast interview and want to know how you can create your very own podcast platform to so you become known as an influential voice in your industry? Access my free How to Create a Profitable Podcasting Masterclass, where I'll show you: Six Common Podcasting Myths that’ll keep you stuck from creating your profitable podcast; Why focusing on technology (i.e. which microphone you should be using) is unwise and what you MUST focus on first if you want to start a profitable podcast. Sadly, SO many Change Makers and aspiring Thought Leaders miss these key steps and fail to generate the ROI/income they hope their podcast will generate; Three Changes in Consumer Behaviour you need to be aware of BEFORE you launch your podcast to help keep you focused on what’s MOST important and/or no longer relevant; The NUMBER ONE reason why businesses fail to create a profitable podcast so you can avoid falling into the same trap; Three Podcast Profit Models that’ll help you nurture listeners into leads and into paying customers, step-by-step. Go to: www.PodcastingWithPurpose.com/Masterclass YOUR SAY: What did you think about the message shared today? What action step will you take to turn this around? Go ahead and share. We’d love to hear from you! Please leave your comment in the box below, and remember to share and Like the show with your colleagues. Also, stop on by our Facebook page to say hello and to give us a shout out on Twitter – we promise to shout back! As always, we appreciate it. The post [Ep#219] Thriving in STEM: Lessons of Resilience, Growth, and Empowerment appeared first on The Ambitious Entrepreneur Podcast Network   Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices