EP 66: 8 sneaky ways to create ABM content from existing assets

Instant X-Pertise: Marketing

18-05-2023 • 12 mins

How can you customize ABM content with limited time and bandwidth? In this insightful podcast episode 66, we delve into a treasure trove of strategies for repurposing existing marketing assets into customized ABM content that your ICP will actually find valuable. We explore transforming your existing whitepapers and research reports into powerful marketing assets that can supercharge your ABM efforts.

You'll gain an understanding of how to make every piece of content count, how to get the most out of what you already have, and how to create more ABM content without blowing your budget. This episode is packed with actionable insights and practical tips you can start implementing immediately.

Whether you're new to ABM or looking to refresh your existing strategy, this podcast episode offers the insights you need to elevate your marketing game. Don't miss this opportunity to discover how to get more from your marketing materials and maximize your ABM ROI. Tune in to start transforming your marketing efforts today!

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