GCC Ladies Retreat Recap

Be Still and Grow

16-08-2022 • 55 mins

This episode we sit down with the speakers from the 2022 GCC Ladies Retreat- Chelsea McDonald, Lindsey Patton, and Meliah Danford. This was the event that started the whole idea of the Be Still and Grow podcast. Join us as we discuss the making of the retreat and recap the deep, meaningful teachings brought these ladies.

Meets the Guests:

Chelsea McDonald is our lead pastor's wife. She is married to Kirk McDonald, pastor of Gospel Community Church in Fayetteville, GA. She is a mother of two beautiful daughters, a talented hair stylist, full of wisdom and encouragement. She is kind, thoughtful and every positive word you can imagine.

Lindsey Patton, beloved spouse of Elder David Patton, works in the medical field as a nurse. She and David have three loving and sassy daughters. She is a wise and trusted counselor, fearless, loves deeply and serves our body well. Lindsey is naturally nurturing and cares for her family, friends, and church body well.

Meliah Danford, wife of Phil Danford elder candidate and Worship Director at Gospel Community Church, is an avid gardener, tender-hearted mother of two rambunctious kids, and always down for an adventure. Meliah is authentic and such a unique soul. Her zest for life is infectious and her fierce love is inspiring.